Is the Top 5 Viral Video Ads list accurate?

14 Dec

The Top 5 Viral Video Ads of 2007 was presented by the Financial Times on 11/12 and reproduced by many respectable blogs, websites, etc. But is it accurate? You will decide!


What is interesting about this Top 5 is the fact that when you check the supposedly #1 viral-video ad’s “view count” on YouTube, it shows that it was viewed around 1.2 million times!

The truth is that there are more than one videos of this viral ad distributed on YouTube and probably GoViral (the online marketing company whose data FT used on the article) added the numbers of all that videos. On a search at YouTube with all possible keywords I couldn’t find a single Cadbury viral video ad that attracted more than (or around) 5 million viewers. The one that FT used in its article (the one also shown on my previous post) was actually viewed less than 1.2 million times up until now.

Moreover, the Lynx viral ad that attracted 2.2 million viewers (and not 2.6 m as the article said) is not the one presented on the article. At #5 the Financial Times (and most of the blogs, websites, etc that reproduced this article) show one of Lynx’s viral ads (the one with the woman at the dentist) that actually attracted 760,000 viewers. The viral ad that they probably meant to include in their Top 5 (that really attracted 2.2 million viewers) is the one with the woman at the super market, shown below.


One last thing that one should keep in mind is that not only the view count of each viral ad makes a video successful. It’s also the comments left by the viewers, links to the video, the ratings, how many times it was favourited and how many honours it received. Especially the comments left by the viewers show some sort of engagement, don’t you agree? Adding these into the equation, we get the following results:

Cadbury – Gorilla Drummer (just the one video that the FT article has a link to)
Views: 1.2 m
Comments: 1,907
Favourited: 6,472 times
Honours: 0
Links: 5
Ratings: 2,670 (4 stars)

Smirnoff – Green Tea Partay
Views: 3.4 m
Comments: 2,142
Favourited: 3,034 times
Honours: 2
Links: 5
Ratings: 7,305 (3 stars)

Ray Ban – Catch Sunglasses
Views: 3.2 m
Comments: 11,793
Favourited: 14,927 times
Honours: 3
Links: 5
Ratings: 13,654 (4 stars)

Blendtec – Will it Blend?
Views: 2.9 m
Comments: 9,421
Favourited: 6,736 times
Honours: 1
Links: 5
Ratings: 7,898 (4 stars)

Lynx/Axe – Bom chicka wah wah (the one that really attracted 2.2 m viewers)
Views: 2.2 m
Comments: 1,663
Favourited: 8,260 times
Honours: 6
Links: 5
Ratings: 2,036 (4 stars)

To tell you the truth I am not so sure that the Top 5 Viral-Video ads of 2007 as presented in FT’s article is the real Top 5. What do you think?


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One response to “Is the Top 5 Viral Video Ads list accurate?

  1. Anonymous

    March 10, 2008 at 1:08 am

    >Well of course gorviral’s count is aggregate. The question isn’t which single upload was watched most, but which piece of content – no matter how many times it was uploaded under different names, misspellings, etc. My university did research for this and found the FT article mostly accurate, and actually, each had even more hits than stated when added together.


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